Who is hannah yaksich?

Hannah is a certified Doula in the pikes peak region . She has been serving the community in birth and pregnancy for the past 5 years and has attended more then 70 births. She is a Colorado Native with a heart to see the birth world shaped into a space where women have a choice and allowing that choice to be the priority of their care. She has a deep passion to see women walk out birth with a heart of grace and compassion. This journey is yours and you have every right to speak your wants and needs. She aims to see birth trauma and fear dissolved, so that joy and peace return to the birth scene in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hannah has a deep passion for health and wellness and a deep love for the outdoors and anything that has to do with a backyard farm. Hannah is certified through Births Art International and was mentored by Eden’s Promise a Holistic Doula Organization for 3 years.

Hannah is a discerning and loving leader with a heart to see families walk from fear and shame into love and grace. She has a knack for helping people reach a destiny when it feels so far removed from their vision. Hannah lives this life out with her husband and two children.


Hannah decided to become a doula after the birth of her daughter in 2014. Through the process she saw the faithfulness of God and heard him speak to her like never before and wanted women to know that they can have a beautiful, redeeming birth no matter the circumstances. She is honored to enter in the birth room with mother and fathers and see birth unfold and help guide and direct families into a life changing experience.