Choose Love Over Fear and See Birth in a way that was only designed by the heavenly father.



about me

Hannah is a Colorado Native with a heart to see the world changed by the love of God and transformed hearts to see the goodness of God in every situation they face. Hannah has a deep passion for health and wellness and a deep love for the outdoors and anything that has to do with a backyard farm. Hannah is certified through Births Art International and has attended many births in the Pikes Peak Region. She is also an approved Edens Promise Birth Professional . And has plans to add many other certifications and eventually become a CPM (Certified Practitioner Midwife).

Hannah is a discerning and loving leader, with a heart to see families walk from fear and shame into love and grace. She has a knack for helping people reach a destiny when it feels so far removed from their vision. Hannah lives this life out with her Husband and two children.


Hannah decided to become a doula after the birth of her daughter in 2014. Through the process she saw the faithfulness of God like never before and wanted women to know that they can have a beautiful redeeming birth no matter the circumstances. She is honored to enter in the birth room with mother and fathers and see birth unfold and help guide and direct families into a life changing experience.




Fees: Services are $650.00 for Labor and birth doula package. 

Fees covering the birth doula care package including a minimum of:

  • Three prenatal visits in my at home office
  • Writing a birth plan and assistance in researching.
  •  Access to all my birth tools.
  • Access to my library of books and videos
  • Hand-outs on labor positions, breathing techniques, breastfeeding and postpartum care for you and baby.
  • On call availability 24/7 starting four weeks before, through two weeks after mother due date( up to six weeks)
  • Unlimited telephone, text and email support.
  • Continuous support through labor, birth and early postpartum.




client reviews

"Hannah was a vital part in the birth of our sweet girl. My husband and I will both tell anyone that we couldn't have done it without her. I had planned a natural hypnobirthing home birth and at 36 weeks pregnant was told I had pre eclampsia. I was then switched to two midwives who I didn't know (who turned out to be incredible) and had to have a hospital birth while being hooked up to many machines due to my condition. This could have been very traumatic, but Hannah made sure she was available to me, and told me shed be by my side the minute I needed her and to just say the word. When Hannah arrived at the hospital she brought a peace that is almost unexplainable to the room. She instantly started helping me focus and get into my hypnobirthing zone. She took care of everything! She communicated my needs to the staff and passed on updates to our friends and family. She was there to make sure I was drinking water and that the music never stopped while my husband was in the zone with me. In the most intense moments Hannah prayed with me, believed with me and kept me completely relaxed. I thought that having a doula would replace the roll of my husband and it was no where close to that. Hannah helped my husband relax, so he could be fully present with me. She encouraged him to stay in the zone with me and they worked together as a team for my benefit. The use of  her "doula tools" were vital in my birth as well. Since I couldn't get out of bed to release the pressure of contractions she found multiple other ways to help me stay on top of them and breathe my sweet girl down and out. There is one moment I will never forget. 

I was in transition and I started feeling defeated. I felt about every devastating emotion you could think of about how my birth plan changed and how I was hooked up to these machines and couldn't birth how I had envisioned. Hannah spoke up and told me to let it all out and express what I was feeling. That it was okay to let it all out, cry, and to embrace what had happen and except the change. I have never felt so liberated or free. I didn't feel remorse anymore I felt encouraged. I will forever be grateful for her presence at our birth, her knowledge and her confidence in me. This is by far what Hannah was meant to do in life and I would recommend her to anyone who is expecting!" 

- Stephanie P.


"Hannah was very helpful during my birth while I was experiencing strong labor pains. My plan was to have a natural birth. My strong contractions started around noon and they came very quickly and with a bang. Hannah helped me manage my breathing and we tried different positions to get me more comfortable. We then moved to the shower because they were still very strong, the shower helped a lot but I quickly became exhausted and I was not progressing at all. I ended up getting an epidural and Hannah remained with me for the rest of my birth. She stayed with me until Jasper was born in the middle of the night. Even after the epidural there were some hiccups in my labor and she helped to keep me calm and explain what we would do in each circumstance. She made sure I was comfortable the whole time and kept the room as stress free as possible. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking into having a doula at your birth."

- Samantha L.

“Here I sit at 3:30 am nursing, reflecting onour birth experience. Phone in one hand typing and my sweet baby boy with a beautiful latch cradled in the other. Thanks to Hannah’s guidance, nursing is going far superior to the last time around.

There was fear and doubt in me about the ‘pain’ of birth. Day after day, reading blog after blog I sought to fill my mind with stories about pain free and bliss filled births. As if somehow I could control my birthing experience to have the desired outcome by holding my thoughts around others births that sounded like what I wanted.  Hannah fully supported me through this process and answered the myriad of questions that came along with it.

My due date came and went and in came more fear about my body failing, which logically I knew was a ridiculous thought,  how could God have created a life within me and then just stop a minute short of the finish line? Hannah was there to pray for me and speak life into my doubt.

Induction was then scheduled for close to two weeks late and in my mind I kissed goodbye all my hopes and dreams of natural childbirth. I completely broke down, Hannah was then there for my husband guiding him in the best way to be my rock solid support, unwavering in love.

Labor started the morning we were scheduled for induction and Hannah proved to have prepared both my husband and myself enough to labor mostly at home, for when I was ready for her to be there with us, it was already time to go to the hospital. We delivered just about 30 minutes after arriving at the hospital, achieving my hope of a natural childbirth. Thanks to Hannah’s advice and great support we succeeded in our dream. “

-Jessi D.


Hannah was such a key part in my whole birth process. I could not have had such confidence and knowledge through my whole pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She was supportive and loving in every decision I made and gave me more incite into what the doctors and nurses were talking to me about. Such a calming & loving attitude which made my birth more enjoyable. I will use her for the many more babies I'll be having!!! Love her and all she stands for.

Sierra Y.




Email: Sweetspiritedbirth@gmail.com

Phone- 719-210-2982